Joe Louis Walker
It’s not until you’ve witnessed Joe Louis Walker perform live that you get a sense of how good he truly is. Each of his 13 albums with the Boss Talkers contain all the necessary ingredients; the superb song craftsmanship, his soaring voice and stinging guitar work – but it’s not until you see him do you realize what a powerful and complete artist Joe is.

That’s the goal of this DVD – capture Joe Louis Walker in sight and sound and introduce the uninitiated to one of the most respected blues men on the scene and also show his longtime fans what he’s up to today. Capturing a live performance is a tricky animal. Two masters are begging to be served: the ephemeral quality of a live performance before an audience and music captured for posterity – a freeze-frame in time. Each song on this disc is a Joe Louis Walker original.

Joe Louis Walker - Live at "On Broadway"

Live at "On Broadway" … $19.99
release date: 05/28/2002 / catalog# BEI 4001

  • Your Lyin’ Eyes
  • Runnin’ From the Devil
  • In God’s Hands
  • Rainy Nights
  • Repay My Love
  • Mile-Hi Club
  • Bluesifyin’
  • Yveline
  • Features:
    • Exclusive interviews
    • Photos from Joe Louis Walker’s personal collection with commentary
    • Comments about the songs performed
    • Blues Express trailer
Joe Louis Walker
"In God’s Hands"