Frankie Lee
Born in Texas, Frankie Lee mirrors many musicians’ paths who helped form blues’ ‘West Coast Sound’. Lee was an R&B singer in the style of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding (he’s often been compared to a contemporary Otis Redding) who learned his chops in church choirs and gospel groups in Texas.

His recording career began in the early 1960’s scoring several large regional hits for Don Robey’s Peacock Records. He migrated West in the early 70’s, calling Oakland his home and recording for Hightone Records with his cousin Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson. Frankie Lee’s recent release ‘Here I Go Again’ (Blues Express® label) further cements his position as one of the finest singers and engaging performers in music.

Frankie Lee - Here I Go Again

Standing at The Crossroads … $12.99
release date: 10/17/2006 / catalog# BEI 0006

  • I Wish I Had A Dime (4:00)
  • High Horse (5:12)
  • I Need Lots of Love (4:18)
  • Prayer for Peace (3:07)
  • Where You Been All My Life (4:40)
  • Better Than That (5:15)
  • Let's Think Twice (6:47)
  • Mary Don't You Weep (3:26)
  • Standing At The Crossroads (4:41)
  • How Far Can You Fall (3:00)
  • Think What It's Doing To Me (4:43)
  • I Really Got The Blues (5:45)
  • I Ain't Ever Had The Blues (like this before) (5:54)

Frankie Lee - Here I Go Again

Here I Go Again … $12.99
release date: 05/28/2002 / catalog# BEI 0001

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  • I Really Love You (4:25)
  • Don't Let My Baby Ride (4:14)
  • Here I Go Again (4:35)
  • Playin' With My Friends (4:11)
  • Open The Door (2:52)
  • Whole Lotta Nothin' (3:59)
  • Smokestack Lightnin' (2:41)
  • Can I Walk You To Your Car (3:55)
  • Crossroads (3:22)
  • Cry Me A River (5:02)
  • The Snake (3:17)
  • Rock My Soul (5:04)