BLUES EXPRESS IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT CLAUDETTE ‘s shows at that ran September 30th, 2011 and ending November 27th, 2011 at  Harrah’s Reno – Sammy’s Showroom were a great hit!

Contact Blues Express for information on booking her in 2012!  As well as look for upcoming information on her next Album in 2012 from Blues Express!

Claudette King at Harrah’s Reno Highlights

Read two reviews of Claudette’s recent performance at San Francisco’s Biscuits and Blues.

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Claudette King

There’s a new voice out of the south making waves, and if familial genes count for anything, blues/soul/r&b/pop singer Claudette King, a longtime Californian now living in Atlanta, will go far, very far. The youngest daughter of ultimate blues master B. B. King, she’s quick to cite her father as her main inspiration.

A native Californian formerly living in the San Francisco Bay Area, King has had the life experience to make lyrics mean something: a natural ease in shifting with the mood of each lyric. But most certainly, the power of Claudette’s enthusiasm for the splendid genre-blending music on her debut We’re Onto Something merits wide notice. One of the premier, up-and-coming blues-and-more vocalists of the day, we are sure there is lots more to come from talented Ms. King.

Press Kit

Claudette King - We're Onto Something

We’re Onto Something … $12.99
release date: 09/21/2010 / catalog# BEI 0009

  • Can I Walk You To Your Car (3:40)
  • Whole Lotta Nothing (3:57)
  • Too Little Too Late (4:06)
  • We're Onto Something (3:37)
  • Playing With My Friends (4:09)
  • This Ain't How I Planned It (4:14)
  • A Dog Like You (4:16)
  • Boogie Some (3:14)
  • Rock My Soul (4:34)
  • Isn't Peace The Least We Can Do (3:16)
  • Easier Alone